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"Girls and Boys Club"


This acrylic painting reimagines the iconic Mickey and Minnie Mouse through a contemporary lens.


Departing from traditional portrayals, "Girls and Boys Club" presents a minimalist abstraction that celebrates the enduring appeal of these beloved characters.


Two stark silhouettes capture the essence of Mickey and Minnie Mouse with a bold graphic style.


The background pulsates with a dynamic interplay of colors: yellow, dark pink, brown and black.


"Girls and Boys Club" delves deeper than mere iconography. By employing a minimalist approach, the piece transcends traditional gender representations, inviting a sense of inclusivity where everyone is welcome.


This work caters to the discerning art collector who appreciates both the innovative spirit of Pop Art and the timeless charm of Disney.


This painting is guaranteed to spark conversation and evoke a touch of nostalgia in any viewer.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Minimalist Pop Art - Girls and Boys Club

  • Original One-Of-A-Kind Painting 
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Signed by the artist (front and back)
  • High quality 100% natural cotton stretched canvas
  • 70x50 cm / 28"x20"
  • Acrylic paint
  • Ready to hang 

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