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commission orders cristina pop art

Commission Orders

Can’t quite find the perfect piece for your home or office? 


Did any of my artworks already caught your attention but it's not quite the size, idea or colour that you are looking for?


Do you have an idea and you would like to have it painted in my style?


Don’t worry, I've got you covered as I am open for commissions.


What can you commission?


Anything you like to have painted in my style!

Whether it is a portrait of you or your dog, or a cartoon character in a specific situation, you name it and we will discuss it. 

You can even send me photos for inspiration. 


I don't copy someone else's art or paint in other styles.


How can I get commission artwork from you?


You first contact me via email or social media platforms and describe the perfect artwork that you would like me to create. 


After further discussions we establish what the main idea of the painting will be, the size and how much time it will take me to make it.

In the end you will get a price offer.


If you accept the price and time needed for this commission you then next have to pay the full amount.


As soon as I get the payment confirmation I will start working on it.


How long will a commission artwork take?


It really depends on the size and the complexity of the artwork.

It's very hard to give a general deadline as all artworks are unique.

The minimum that I require is 3 working days.


Here are 3 examples of commission artworks I painted, a bit of insight to understand how I work:


Andi Moisescu


Andi is a famous Romanian Tv host and my favourite YouTuber.

For this piece I chose to paint his portrait. I wanted to show good energy, colour and happiness...just like his personality.


I did my homework and searched the internet to find as many things about him as I could.


I included in the painting important things about him like his passions, names of his dear ones, his TV show logo, the place where he spent a part of his childhood and many more.


cristina pop art - andi moisescu

The couple of Chefs


A young chef from Vienna reached out on Instagram and asked that I make a painting for him. 

He told me that he is a chef and he would like me to paint him as Mickey Mouse the Chef.


After further discussions I found out that his girlfriend is also a chef so I included this in the painting.


After he received the painting he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a painting made by me with the same idea so I painted one also for her.


Of course now the attention was on Minnie, I kept the same idea but changed the scenery.


I'm proud to say that they both loved the commissioned artworks I did for them and also bought two other pop art original paintings.

Thanks guys!

commission orders cristina pop art.jpg
commission orders cristina pop art.jpg

The Hybrid Painting :)


This client from the US liked two of my original paintings but wanted a commission artwork in which she wanted me to mix these two artworks and also combine them with the design in her living room. 


She wanted a painting with Garfield in a specific style she saw in some of my paintings.

She gave me a free hand and trusted my creativity.


Afterwards I asked her to send me some photos of the living room.


In fact the sofa and the lamp are inspired from the pictures she sent me.


The small Super Mario painting above Garfield sitting on the sofa is an exact copy of one of the paintings that she liked from the beginning.

commission orders cristina pop art.jpg
commission orders cristina pop art.jpg

The best wife :) 


And the last example will be this painting I've made for a gentleman that wanted a one of a kind artwork for his beloved wife.


I asked him to tell me more about her so I can come up with a frame that will fit her personality.


He told me she is a wonderful mother, a great wife, a multitasking, successful business woman that loves luxury brands, ballet and cats.

commission orders cristina pop art.jpg.jpg

If you have an idea that you would like me to paint for you don't hesitate to contact me and tell me more about it.

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